Top Crypto Influencers in Dubai

The term cryptocurrency has started gaining more attention among most people in this world. And not to mention Dubai has also started to engage in this rapidly growing industry.

As you know that Dubai is the faster-growing city in the UAE the Dubai technology industry is booming right now, and new opportunities for investment have been opened to anyone who is interested in starting their own business in Dubai. Especially crypto and blockchain-related business. Dubai cryptocurrency project has already begun and started its trade and also many companies are waiting to begin their business soon.

In order to get the best advice related to Crypto, there any many intellectual crypto influencers who can help you throughout your career by giving you industry-related advice and suggestion.

Most of these Crypto influencers who are based in Dubai interact with their followers through Instagram and Twitter which are the two main sources and best platforms for cryptocurrency education and consultation. Every influencer has his own follower list that is used to teach them about the current status and news that the followers need to know about crypto trading.

1. Armando Juan Pantoja


Total followers on Instagram: 403K and Counting

Armando Juan Pantoja Also known as tallguytycoon is a famous crypto influencer who educates his followers regarding crypto and blockchain by using his experience and knowledge. Also, he is a TEDx speaker and an award winner from IBM Blockchain.

With a massive Instagram follower list on Instagram Armando utilizes it as a tool to give loyal advice and consultation to his follower to know more bout this crypto world.



Total followers on Instagram: 11.3K and Counting

This young YouTuber who had no intention of knowing about the crypto industry is now the biggest crypto influencer on social media. He always wanted to use his knowledge in a combined way.

So he created his youtube channel called CryptoMo which actually educates people through video tutorials about crypto.

3. Joelle Chamas

Joelle Chamas

Total followers on Instagram: 80.7K and Counting

Joelle Chamas or widely known as crypto barbie is a young fashion designer who is now a famous crypto influencer and an investor who regularly gives advice about crypto investment and its importance to her followers on Instagram

4. Jack Skipp

Jack skipps

Total followers on Instagram: 62.1K and Counting

Youtube channel Subscribers: 200k and counting

By taking the advice from his father Skipp made his first investment in bitcoin in 2017 and that actually made him a millionaire and a famous Crypto influencer today. Jack skipps owns his own youtube channel where he regularly educates his subscribers about bitcoin.

5. Tony - JRNY Crypto

Tony - JRNY Crypto

Total followers on Instagram: 25.9K and Counting

This internet sensation who has an immense following on social media is now a famous crypto influencer. He uses his own youtube channel to publish videos, especially about blockchain technology and bitcoin trading.

6. Lucas Dimos

Lucas Dimos

Total followers on Instagram: 13.7K and Counting

This tik-tok sensation who later went on to share his knowledge and idea about crypto trading on Instagram has got immense support and now he is known as the best crypto influencer on social media, where he uses that platform to educate and support people to know more about crypto and blockchain industry.

Investing in new business, especially in an unknown business takes a lot of courage but if you could go along with the current trends then you could easily study the industry’s whole activities and performance so by following the above names could give you a clear idea of the functioning of the crypto world and after consulting and learning you could invest on anything without any hesitation

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