Nano-influencers are the type of influencers who are typically not as famous as the rest of the influencers and have fewer but more than average followers on social media platforms. They can be considered your everyday social media users but with a much better engagement rate than normal users. Their social media posts are not necessarily professional and more personal.

Nano-influencers, as opposed to traditional influencers who are paid by brands to influence their followers and curate a particular aesthetic, typically receive little to no pay and instead receive free products or services in exchange for posting on their social media platform, in their own style. Traditional influencers are paid by brands to both influences their followers and curate a specific aesthetic.

Because nano-influencers aren’t in the business of promoting items on a regular basis – or getting paid for their opinions – when they do post about a product or service, it comes out as more genuine. Because nano-influencers aren’t paid (aside from free products), marketers can work with hundreds of them for the same amount of money they would spend on just a few regular influencers.
Those who are considered to be macro-influencers are subject matter experts who have decided to share their knowledge on social media. The vast majority of the time, people discover accounts thanks to the volume of educational or high-quality content that they provide.

Because they have had expertise in the industry for so many years, these content creators are well aware of the point at which creative discourse transitions into business talk. When all partners communicate in the same language and are fully aware of the part they are expected to play, the pace at which projects are carried out is significantly accelerated.